Personal Website: May be static or dynamic as per requirement of customer. A static web page may still have dynamic behavior, provided that this is handled entirely client-side (i.e. within the browser). This may include such features as a Java Script image zoom feature to display photographs.
    Organizational Website: Non-Profit Organization Web Design already has a community of dedicated volunteers, financial backers and supporters. It’s time you link them to one another on a website that is surrounded by your branding, speaking only to them about you and your mission.

    Educational Website: By creating a Website, a school is showing its commitment to mastering the new information and communication technologies for educational benefit. It is an inescapable fact, that in this competitive age, a school Website is a showcase that indicates to a prospective parent that a school is committed to achieving Government targets for getting children connected to the National Grid for Learning.

    Email Designing: Email Designing is a task that is carefully executed by our web designers to design considering particular constraints & capabilities of web browsers. Email inbox has various distractions like folders, calendars and tons of messages among others. While designing the Email, we make sure that the screen space is effectively utilized so that reader has to spend less time in the details. Further, it helps in ensuring that the subscribers see the email through a tiny preview pane or just read the subject line.

    SMS Gateway and E-Solutions: Mobile phones have become a powerful tool. Now you can easily reach more than 2 billion people in a personal and interactive way. SMS solutions help to get in touch with people in a faster and cheaper way. There are bulk SMS dedicated Routes to various companies who look for bulk SMS as a marketing tool. Full end-to-end solution is provided by Canny Infotech as far as third party integration is concerned. We provide our client a dedicated and stable route for long terms as we deal only with carrier level connection. We provide the best messaging cost module that fits in almost every small to big client budget. Since our entire infrastructure is based on most reliable and industry proven hardware and softwares. Our highly skilled and experienced team of Mobile Telecom engineers has made our system robust and flawless. In this manner, Canny Infotech gives the best client support and services.